Thursday, March 29, 2012

footage examples

Revised Idea

Elevator Pitch: In the year 3030, Scientists program a robot to have human traits and emotions.

Theme: Man vs Machine and Human strengths and will power.

The goal of the piece is encourage the knowledge of people no matter how far technology will grow in the future.
The goal of the film is to persuade the audience to not allow emotion to rule and maybe even blind them and their life decisions.

Short synopsis: In the Beginning scene we will open up with a narration, and text stating what is verbally being said by the narrator. The narration will introduce the reasoning behind the experiment. In 3026 the government ordered all states to let go all academic teachers and replace them with robots who had full curriculums and correct answers already programmed in. Technology is getting so out of hand that they feel they can use it for anything. The first teaching robots would deploy, yet they only understand right and wrong answers. Three years pass by and according to statistics the failure and dropout rate increased over these years since the robots were issued. Instead of giving the teachers their job back the government decides instead to invest money into an experiment that would give the teaching robots human traits and emotions to understand when the students need help and sympathize with a situation if needed. Once explained it will cut to a vacant lab with the exception of the robot. The control room will then be shown revealing two scientist watching. It will switch back to the robot and from a claw that the scientists are operating with from the control room will place a ball of concentrated energy into its chest. The robot will awaken and the test of emotions will begin. During this test it will switch back to the control room showing the progression of the procedure and checking off every emotion that is learned from footage. Each clip of information that the robot sees, the concentrated energy takes and formulates it into the emotion that is wanted for the robot. Once it gets to the emotions of sorrow, longing, and seeing death, and love the robot overloads and the transfer becomes incomplete and a failure. On the progress bar it will state that the robot was not strong enough for human emotion.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New and Fleshed out idea for finals

Elevator Pitch:
In the year 3030 a robot will be programmed with emotion leaving its purpose a new fate.

Theme: The theme I am going for is emotions and the effects it has on a person in everyday life.

The goal of the film is to persuade the audience to not allow emotion to rule and maybe even bind them and their life decisions.

Short synopsis: The year is 3030 and we begin in a top-secret lab with a vacant room with the exception of the robot that is about to be tested on. There is an operation room that won’t be showed but controls a robotic claw that will place this emotional energy ball into the robotic subject. Once placed, the robot will wake with a look that resembles someone with a conscience. The robot will be given a test for each emotion to make sure of its proper functions. It will be then given a task but the robot panics and fear is presented to the robot. With the small consciousness it has, the robot locates the emotional energy ball and rips it out. The robot felt that it would rather not deal with the functions of a human.

Tone and Execution: I would like this to have a chiaroscuro look to it. Also, I will use the knowledge of articulation for the character’s collage/ painted look.

Friday, March 23, 2012

ideas for Final

The World of Rhymes:
For this project i would like to create an alternate world where everyone rhymes with the next person. It is a strict rule in this world that everyone must create a rhyming phrase after any question or statement. Anyone who has broken the rule disappears into thin air. One day someone does it and they don't disappear and people are amazed. The main character then tries to convince everyone that they can do it too.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tutorial time!

The tutorial i looked at was pretty straight forward yet very effective in giving footage a dramatic push of action. In the tutorial a tool called wiggler is used. I really had fun shooting the footage and then editing it with three basic steps. I then added my extra input to jazz the tutorial up a bit. I also looked at another tutorial and it went over the cc sphere tool which takes any still or movie footage and distorts the media to shape a sphere. It was showing a way to create the earth from still images and give it a 3d quality to it. I took these learnings and created a pinball with a texture picture of metal. It was pretty interesting.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Midterm Project

This project was extremely painful sometimes, but I enjoyed every bit of it! There were times in the process of creating this animation that I was stuck in a position where i didn't know what direction to go in. As in one of my previous projects I wanted to give this piece an effect of glitches on the screen. I was successful in some aspects. Although I wanted a glitch effects, I also wanted the glitch to be synced the a beat that i created from scratch. I really enjoyed the process of placing every image on beat because the finished product was rewarding. I still feel I have small things to fix, but overall I like the piece and very satisfied with it.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Midterm Progress Update

From the critique, I took what was said and went back and tried to make elements of my pice more natural and convincing. I felt really successful in my execution. I added new elements to my "big bang" in the beginning but i still feel it is missing something. I did add something that i really did like. I did a quick zoom into the camera but behind the character is a trail of itself indicating and representing speed. I think i pulled this effect off pretty well. I also worked on the audio tracks some more. It is coming along well, but i just have to make sure that everything that i created so far goes with the beat. I also changed the eye color and I am equally satisfied with the eyes. Overall, I felt i got a pretty good amount done in the time we had.