Thursday, April 12, 2012


By 4/17: I plan to get a third of the project done. This includes the opening scene of the  powered off robot, a cut to the outside of the control room, a cut into the control room showing the scientist pressing a button to activate mechanical arm. On motion of the mechanical arm, it will cut back to the robot and the mechanical arm moving down and placing the energy ball into the robot's chest. It will then cut to a close up of robot's face indicating that it is online.

Demo Reel 3


The direction that this reel takes is very sleek and sophisticated. I love the introduction and how with a few words Skill Lab explained exactly what it is that they do. I love that the visual cues in this reel were based off of the audio so it kept a consistent rhythm through the reel. The beautiful contrast in each shot really caught my attention. I like that they made sure that each scene they used corresponded with the next even when they didn't seem to be from the same film project. I really enjoyed the transition between this elegant and slow beginning to a fast paced rendering of successful pieces.

Demo Reel 2


So, I love this reel for the fact that its very short and cut to the chase, yet I felt wowed by it when i watched it. The in your face position that Colin Sebestyen was well done and grabbed my attention from finish to end. I love the color gradient that is placed on the piece. I fee that it adds another element of beauty to this reel.

Demo Reel 1

I love the vintage and retro style of things and I feel that this demo reel takes it to that level of professionalism I like to see when attempting this look. I appreciate the production value that went into the title introducing Vincent VIRIOT who is the artist behind this reel. There is a theme and it corresponds with the videos very well.