Monday, January 30, 2012

The Animation

I really had fun with this project yet some challenges were thrown at me. Once i finally sat down to begin the project i didnt know where to really start! Though true, once i got the first initial point down it was smooth running. Though i say smooth running, i feel that some of the physics of the body movement was not as smooth as i wanted it to be. One problem i ran into was that my object was moving, but everything else was very static. I found a way to create a camera movement without changing it into a 3d layer and i feel that it helped a lot. I also reduced the size of the head because i found it a little distracting. Overall, I enjoyed this project and for my first animation i feel that it is pretty successful.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sample Test of Movement

Not the best but....

Dynamic Imaging Revising and Story board

During my revision I  had to really do more than i expected. Once i really started to move the character i started seeing things that were problematic if they were not addressed before taking it into After Effects. I don't want to say exactly what just for the sake of if I didn't tell you, would you have noticed? I added pictures of classical musicians in a row and contrasted them to a point of threshold. i also did this with a group of silly faced pictures. I felt that doing this it would contrast better with the overall piece. My story board is pretty simple just because of the same movements that will be made until the character's destination.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Dynamic Imaging First Project

Hearing this assignment, I felt that creating photoshop layers to create an articulate object and a layered back ground would be considerably easy. Though in some aspects it was there was still steps I failed to address upon getting the assignment. One, was that I had no clue what i wanted to do. The other was not knowing if I were doing it right. Its like when you have the most freedom to do as you please the more it makes you feel like you can't do anything in a fear that it's still not what is wanted. When i started the project i began with a mistake by erasing the pictures instead of masking them. I soon realized i was doing that i quickly changed that. The basic idea for my piece is taking the concept of the first man on the moon and creating a time where there was the first classical pianist who played on the moon. I used a black and white theme to play on that time period. Overall this project was pretty simple. Though a little discouraging I feel I did an exceptional job.